Secret Band and Secret Rooms Revealed in First Show of 2018

Almquist Family Winery is nestled right next to the Fremont Cut in Upper Queen Anne. It is home to many tasty whites, reds, and rosés, and on Saturday night it was taken over by Seattle Secret Shows. At 7 o’clock sharp the crowd began to filter in. Many eager guests quickly grabbed seats while others ordered drinks at the bar. Soon the venue was filled with the sounds of voices and clinking glasses. Many members of the crowd stared at the instruments on stage as if asking themselves “who do those belong to?”

Tension was building and soon enough it was time for the big reveal. The crowd erupted with applause and cheers as The Ballroom Thieves were announced as the night’s musical guest. These sounds still radiated through the room as Callie, Devin, and Martin took the stage and began playing.

The Ballroom Thieves’ performance was full of crisp guitar tones, pulsating cello strings, and intoxicating vocal harmonies. Every song was a story that swept you away into a different world. You could feel the heartache in the music and see the passion in their eyes as they belted out the melodies in songs like “Archers”, “Only Lonely”, and “Coward’s Son”. At their loudest, the sounds seemed to push you back. At their quietest, you wanted to lean so you wouldn’t miss a single note. The music raised hairs on the back of your neck while the lyrics burrowed into your heart and mind. It was clear that Callie, Devin, and Martin shared a deep connection not only to their music but also to each other. Every glance and smile shared between them exemplified love and appreciation. This connection was infectious and drew the crowd in instantly. They closed out their first set with a beautiful love song, TK, that was complete with jazz hands and an air drum solo. While band took a short break, the crowd seized this opportunity to grab one last drink before the music started again. Soon the guests made their way upstairs for the second set.

Colorful paper lanterns and tea lights transformed Almquist Family Winery’s upstairs into an intimate and cozy home for The Ballroom Thieves. Guests who weren’t lucky enough to grab seats were invited to sit on the floor and squeeze in as close as possible. The surrounding low lights painted the band and the crowd in deep yellows and oranges. The room was whisper-quiet as The Ballroom Thieves began playing once again. The power of their voices and instruments made it hard to believe that this set was free of all mics and amps. Callie, Devin, and Martin wrung themselves dry during this performance and gave the crowd everything they had left. Many members of the crowd sang along while others stood in awe.

Sometimes a band comes along that defines heart and soul. Their sound captivates you and makes you wish the show could last just a bit longer. You leave the concert with a piece of them that you to hold onto and cherish. On Saturday, that band was the Ballroom Thieves. If you happened to miss this incredible performance, you can catch them with Phillip Phillips on Friday, March 16th, 2018 at the Neptune Theatre.

Want to go to a Seattle Secret Show? The next show is on March 3rd and is already sold out but word is another show with be announced soon! Get on their email list at in order to get first dibs on concert tickets. Most shows sell out within 24 hours!

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Videos from the show

Videos shot by Urban Elements and Jason Tang. Videos edited by Urban Elements

Pictures from the show

Photos shot and edited by Mocha Charlie

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